Growth Shorts Press Kit

πŸ‘‹ Finding the right marketing tool and guides can be time-consuming and tedious. Many of these can cost thousands of dollars and some are so complicated no one knows how to use them.

Growthshorts is a free comprehensive marketing tool dashboard. We’ve included our favorite marketing tools on the app, but we are keeping it open to marketers and entrepreneurs who want to publish their own tools.

Growthshorts is a single view of all marketing tools and resources that you need to automate your daily workflow. We’ve combined hundreds of best-in-class tools into one tool, making it easy to find the most relevant information.

Key features

  •  Intuitive and clean separate dashboards
  • Allows you to stack tools and resources
  • Community vetted tools and resources 
  • Has the option to like and vote favorite tools or resources

πŸ₯³ To try it yourself, use these URLs:


User quotes

  • A Curated List of Tools for the Growth Marketer & Entrepreneurs
  • Unlock all the tools you need to grow
  • Your Growth Toolbox
  • Become a super-hero marketer with
  • A Curated Toolbox for Marketers
  • One dashboard. All your marketing stashes
  • Be more productive, grow faster
  • The Uber of Marketing Tools
  • Instant access to useful tools for marketers
  • Everything you need to become a better marketer
  • Everything. You Need. To Grow Your Business.
  • Easily Discover & Use the Best Marketing Tools
  • Growthshorts for Marketers & Entrepreneurs
  • Curated Marketing Tools for Growth